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Fat is One Letter Away from Fit! October 26, 2013

Out on the streets where I spend a lot of my free time, I often get asked what I eat.  Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get lean and ripped, and stay in great shape by following a high-fat diet.  I honestly don’t feel I should even be wasting my breath on a topic…

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Red Synthesis – Carnivore’s Corner October 19, 2013

LowDown Synthesis is a scientific process that involves a combination of specific elements joining in union to create a whole.  In the case of the recipe Red Synthesis, I collected a mouthful of bodacious ingredients to make this dish a winner across the boards.  The word “Red” describes three things–meat, quinoa and barbecue sauce. I’m…

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High Low Glow – Carnivore’s Corner October 17, 2013

LowDown I’m not going to lie to you.  This recipe is something you would probably see in an Atkins for Dummies handbook.  That being said, it is really, really good, and I have my dear mother to thank.  She is the one who inspired High Low Glow because she used to make a similar variant…

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hot dogs

Dog Dish – Carnivore’s Corner October 17, 2013

LowDown For some strange reason, a lot of people are deathly afraid of bacon and hot dogs.  Not me.  I love them both.  A big factor though is I know what to buy and look for.  Rumor has it that your typical grocery store hot dog is nothing more than butt holes, elbows, table scraps…

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Magnetic Medley – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

LowDown After spending one evening in the kitchen drumming up something for dinner, it occurred to me that I created a dish that was beyond good.  It was…. magnetic.  I kept getting drawn back to the stove for more, just like being pulled there by a giant magnet.  The medley of foods I paired together…

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Morning Nightcap – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

LowDown This is my final meal of the day, or should I say night?  The reason I eat this before bed is because it has a good amount of complex carbs and slow-digesting, absorbable protein that will supply my muscles with amino acids while I sleep.  Additionally, the carbs will be stored and I’ll be…

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Poor Man’s Pizza – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

LowDown Although I call this Poor Man’s Pizza, I mean no disrespect and I’m not being judgmental.  It’s just a fancy catch phrase for a quick lunch-like dish you can make in less than five minutes.  Be aware that you will need a toaster oven to pull of this culinary feat of excellence. Ingredients: 1…

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Greek Goodness – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

LowDown I know you’ve heard all the hype about Greek yogurt, and justifiably so.  Not only does it trump regular yogurt in protein content, but it’s also as smooth as Mississippi mud. I created this recipe after a fun and successful outing to my local Costco one May afternoon.  After drumming up all the ingredients,…

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Clutch – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

LowDown If you haven’t figured it out by now, I always have some kind of back story to tell about how I came upon my recipes, and Clutch is no exception.  I was desperately jonesing for a salad one night after a long day of skiing so I slipped into a local Ruby Tuesdays, since…

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Maple Moonrise — Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013

Part of being a flexitarian involves creating dishes that contain meat, fish, eggs, dairy and other animal-related derivatives.  Since I have a multitude of vegan options out there, I’ve decided to create a complete section dedicated to non-vegan recipes.  Sit back and enjoy as I unveil a batch of unique, mouth-watering creations that came straight…

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