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Dog Dish – Carnivore’s Corner October 17, 2013


For some strange reason, a lot of people are deathly afraid of bacon and hot dogs.  Not me.  I love them both.  A big factor though is I know what to buy and look for.  Rumor has it that your typical grocery store hot dog is nothing more than butt holes, elbows, table scraps and byproducts of pork, but I stay away from those toxic critters.  I go for the 100% pure beef, turkey or chicken dogs that are found in the frozen section of your local health food store.  The ones that have no hormones, antibiotics, nitrites and nitrates like Applegate and Shelton’s.  Get those babies and you can’t go wrong.  The same can be said for bacon.  Stay away from the nitrites and nitrates, and choose a variety with no hormones or antibiotics.

That brings me to my recipe, which I like to call Dog Dish.  This meal contains a hearty arrangement of nutrient-packed foods that will surely have you begging for more.  Take your Dog Dish to the next party you are invited to and watch how many faces light up when you serve it to them.  OK, are you ready?  Here we go.


3 chopped hot dogs

1 c quinoa

1/2 c garbanzo beans

1/2 c hemp seeds

1/2 c maple syrup

3 strips of bacon


1. Boil hot dogs and let cool.

2. Add quinoa to a pan with 2 c of water and bring to a boil. Turn heat down to low and let simmer until water is completely absorbed.

3. Fry the bacon until crispy, place it on paper towel and dry off as much grease as possible.

4. Chop the hot dogs and bacon into small pieces.

5. Add quinoa, hot dogs, bacon, beans and hemp seeds to a large bowl, then drizzle the maple syrup over top.

6. Mix thoroughly with a large spoon until all ingredients are evenly distributed.

Tips of the Trade

I need to do some quick name dropping to make this recipe really easy for you.  Applegate not only has tremendously good hot dogs, but they also have equally as good bacon.  If you’re watching your fat and calorie intake, opt for the turkey bacon and turkey hot dogs.

Set your sights on an organic garbanzo bean company like Westbrae.  Nutiva is a quality hemp seed manufacturer, and for god’s sake, don’t buy that crappy Aunt Jamima HFCS-laden excuse for maple syrup!  It contains maybe 5% maple syrup if you’re lucky.  The rest is fillers and gunk.  Stick with a 100% pure company like Coombs or Hidden Springs.


Dog Dish has a lot of value if you are a nutrient junkie like me.  First of all, it is high in complete protein, high in fiber, and has a moderate amount of iron, B vitamins and essential fatty acids.  This pairs well with steamed broccoli or any other cruciferous vegetable to make a well-rounded preparation.  If you want to go one step further, add a serving of baked, waffle-cut yams or sweet potatoes to your plate.  You’ll look like a genius!


Kevin Rail

hot dogs

Dog Dish – Carnivore’s Corner October 17, 2013