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Magnetic Medley – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013


After spending one evening in the kitchen drumming up something for dinner, it occurred to me that I created a dish that was beyond good.  It was…. magnetic.  I kept getting drawn back to the stove for more, just like being pulled there by a giant magnet.  The medley of foods I paired together that late summer evening was all the motivation I needed to come up with the title Magnetic Medley.


3 eggs

1 c quinoa

3 oz chopped lox

1 bag of baby spinach

1/4 c pine nuts


1. Add quinoa and 2 cups of water to a sauce pan, bring to a boil and turn heat down to low. Quinoa will be done when the water is absorbed.

2. Add baby spinach to skillet and turn on to medium heat.  Cook until the spinach begins to shrivel up.

3. Place quinoa, eggs, lox and pine nuts into the skillet.

4. Saute ingredients until a slightly “dry” appearance is reached.  Pine nuts should be golden brown.

Tips of the Trade

In case you are unaware, lox is a form of thinly cut salmon that is prepared in brine.  When I say “chopped,” you don’t have to pulverize it.  Just cut it up into small pieces.

The amount prepared above is enough for two people, unless you are reeeeeeeally hungry.

Once I place a portion of Magnetic Medley on my plate, I often doctor it up with some Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, salsa and crushed up tortilla chips.  A little bit of shredded Mexican blend cheese never hurts either.  I’ve had it with and without these add-ons.  Both preparations are good.  It’s really just a matter of preference.  Play around with your own toppings and do what best suits your liking.


You have three awesome sources of complete protein in this dish, so your muscles will thank you when you are done eating.  Additionally, baby spinach is high in iron, and the quinoa and spinach both give you a heavy dose of fiber.  Add the pine nuts in for some essential fats and you have a five-star supper, or breakfast.  And don’t forget about the omega-3 fats from the lox too!


Kevin Rail

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Magnetic Medley – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013