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Morning Nightcap – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013


This is my final meal of the day, or should I say night?  The reason I eat this before bed is because it has a good amount of complex carbs and slow-digesting, absorbable protein that will supply my muscles with amino acids while I sleep.  Additionally, the carbs will be stored and I’ll be able to use them as a needed energy source for my morning workout.  Now you see where the name Morning Nightcap comes from.

And just for the record, don’t believe the hype about cutting your carb intake and food intake after 6 pm.  The bottom line is, burn more calories than you consume throughout the day and you will lose weight.  Then again, I wouldn’t recommend noshing on a Royale with Cheese right before bed either, hombre!


1 c cottage cheese

1/2 c vanilla yogurt

1 scoop whey protein powder

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp sesame seeds

drizzle of coconut nectar

pinch of cinnamon

1 tbsp goji berries.

Preparation: Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix until even consistency is reached.

Tips of the Trade

I’m a big fan of Organic Valley cottage cheese, and all of their other products for that matter.  You have the option of low-fat and regular.  Honestly, there’s a difference of like 10 calories per serving between the two.  I always go with the fattier one because my body loves fat.

Choose a yogurt that is free of hormones and antibiotics like Stonyfield Farm, Brown Cow, Walaby or Nancy’s.  Feel free to use a Greek version if you’d like as well.

Remember the rules with protein powders–no hormones or antibiotics!

Nutiva is a solid chia seed company.  You can also often find these in the bulk section of health food stores.  Scope it out.  They will be be cheaper in that case.  The same goes for goji berries.

I’ve mentioned coconut nectar before and I’m going to refresh your memory.  It’s a thick, brown syrup that tastes amazing and is low on the glycemic index.  Additionally, it’s raw, gluten-free and enzymatically active.  Need I say more?

I usually use chocolate protein powder, but vanilla works well too.  Or you can simply use a plain variety.  The main point is to avoid the hormones and antibiotics.


I think I did a pretty good job describing the benefits in the opening paragraph, but I’ll expand a little more.  Morning Nightcap also gives you a pinch of fiber, antioxidants and essential fats from the chia and sunflower seeds.  If you want to boost the fiber content even more, through in a tablespoon of milled flax seed.


Kevin Rail

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Morning Nightcap – Carnivore’s Corner October 16, 2013